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How to sow your grass seed

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How to sow your grass seed

Eminent grass seeds is very simple, follow these simple steps and soon have a lawn that will transform your neighbors with envy.
New meadows

For a good bet, we recommend 70 grams of seeds per m2 (two once per square square). Measure the surface and leave shortly after adding to the fill or patch, which may be needed at a later stage. It is also possible to develop a small area somewhere else in the garden to have a ready-made murawek correspondence supply to any repair work that may be required.

An easy way is to divide the sowing area into manageable sections and seed dividing as sections. Then drop the seeds in half of each section in one direction, from left to right, and the other half within the first seed from the front to the back. This will help ensure the same spread of seed types in the area.

Alternatively, you can buy a distributor available in our online store. (They can be used for depositing seed and seed fertilizers). Once again, go through the one way, and then repeat each corner to ensure proper seed distribution. When sown, keep it a little and, depending on the time, your lawn will begin to appear within 14-21 days.
Improve existing meadows

The process is similar to the previous one. Sowing 50g / m2, a little less at this time. Collect or flatten existing meadows, seed dispersion and your work to sow the lawn.

Better to try to keep a spot on the lawn for about 6 weeks after sowing. This is to allow you to find semi wellness.

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